ANISA Study (Projahnmo)

The aims of the project are to establish community based surveillance in young infants (0-59 days) to identify cases with suspected serious infection and collect specimens for etiologic evaluation, to identify  risk factors for serious bacterial and viral infections in the community. The project started its activities from March 2011 and will continue up to December 2013. The overall objectives of this study are: estimate the community-level aetiology-specific incidence of bacterial and viral infections during 0-6 days and 7- 59 days of life, identify risk factors for serious bacterial and viral infections, identify clinical features predictive of invasive bacterial infection.


Project strategy

  • Pregnancy, birth and sepsis surveillance in the community by 121 trained Community Health Worker (CHW).
  • Each CHW is serving average 3000 population under supervision of 26 Field Supervisor, 6 Project Officer, 2 Field Research Officer and 2 Field Research Manager.
  • Identification and pregnancy and ensure ANC care.
  • Identification of suspected infection among 0-59 days baby and refer them to UHC for proper management.
  • Sepsis surveillance at UHC by 8 trained Medical Officer.
  • Collection of blood, CSF and Respiratory (NP/OP) specimen to identify bacterial and viral aetiology of infection.
  • Management of suspected sick babies and referral


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