Tobacco Free Sylhet

Donor Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK)
Project Area Four district town and four upazila town of Sylhet Division
Duration May 2010 to November 2014
Brief description The main objective of this project is to make 100% smoke free environment in public place and public transport and reduce tobacco use in Sylhet division.
Number of beneficiaries



Shimantik has been implementing awareness project which will make 100% smoke free environment in the project area and also provide support to implement the tobacco control law in the project area. This project has built a very good relationship with the local government authority to compliance the tobacco laws in Bangladesh. The project covered 8 units (District town and municipality) of Sylhet, Hobigonj, Sunamgonj and Moulovibazer districts.

The objectives of this project are:

  • To identify public place and transport and influence respective stakeholders and authorities to establish 100% smoke free environments at 8 selected area of Sylhet division (Sylhet City Corporation, 3 district town and 4 sub district town /municipalities).
  • To develop capacity of stakeholders and mechanism for implementation and monitoring 100% smoke free environment in the project areas of Sylhet division.
  • To develop necessary guideline and mechanism for different stakeholders/ authorities includes local government to establish and sustain 100% smoke free environment and tobacco control laws in the project area of Sylhet division
  • .To sensitize people on the harms of both smoking and some-less tobacco products, advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption, and build supportive environment to move forward tobacco free initiative in Sylhet Division.
  • To declare public place and public transport smoke free and monitor compliance in the project areas of Sylhet division


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