Validation and Use of a Simple, Rapid Assessment Tool to Identify and Triage Pre term Infants by Community Health Workers

It is a Sub-study in larger NIH trial of Maternal Genitourinary Tract Infections and Adverse Perinatal outcomes (MIST), sample size is 800. Aims of the study includes, to develop a training program for health workers  with no formal medical background to recognize signs of prematurity in newborns, to validate the gestational age category determined by CHWs compared to gold standard ultrasound and physician assessment. The aims also include to simplify methods for accurate, rapid health worker identification of early (<34wks) and late preterm (34-37 wk) infants in the community. Monthly pregnancy surveillance has been conducting by CHW and VHW as part of routine surveillance under MIST study.


Ultrasound is being conducted in early pregnancy within 8-<14 weeks of gestation who were already enrolled in MIST as well as recruited in this study. A new born assessment (Ballard assessment) will be done by CHW within 72 hours of birth and among them 20% baby will also assess by study physician. So far we have completed the ultrasound of our required sample size, on the other hand 75 study outcome has occurred among recruitment and newborn assessment also done by CHW and physician accordingly.

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