Family Planning Project in the slum of Sylhet City Corporation FP Project

SHIMANTIK has been contracted by the Directorate General of Family Planning to implement “Family Planning Project in the slum of Sylhet City Corporation”. The primary objective of the project is to improve access to family planning services among the slum dwellers in Sylhet City Corporation area. It’s another aims to receive quality health care in Bangladesh by the poor. The project is being implementing under the authority of the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in close coordination with and support of the Sylhet City Corporation (SCC).The duration of the project is four years and three month from April 2018 to June 2022.

DGFP is providing financial and technical assistance support in the areas like BCC, quality of care, supportive supervision, monitoring, training, research and evaluation.

Shimantik established an effective doorstep service delivery program for slum dwellers and registered slum population to receive doorstep counseling and family planning services during the course of this Family Planning project. To ensure doorstep services in slum of Sylhet City Corporation, FPVs were organized in 40 clusters as per geographical location & ELCO size. Family Planning Volunteers are visiting their area in one month cycle. As per DGFP standards and procedures, the FPVs are registering couples (for assigned area) including the new entrants, recording their FP use & counsel the couples and distribute pills and condoms at the clients’ doorstep. The FPVs are also providing inject able (FP Method) from 2nd doses to the clients. The FPVs are conducting their visit in the evening hours/after work when & where needed.

Shimantik is also providing additional FP services for the slum population through evening satellite clinics. Service quality and client satisfaction are monitored regularly in a transparent way. There are 3 satellite teams to provide the outreach tier services in the slum of SCC. Each satellite team consists of one Paramedic and one Counselor. Each satellite team is organizing 20 sessions per month. As on average 60 sessions are supposed to be done by satellite team per month. At the community tier, the FPV is attached to each satellite team to inform the community during house to house visits and through community meetings-about the new services. The counselors are responsible for providing health education and for the behavior change communication (BCC) working through special local events, specific service introduction campaigns and interpersonal communication during satellite session. The Paramedic/Nurse is providing actual services to the clients. Paramedic/Nurse is providing FP, ANC, PNC and other ESD services at satellite spot. Till May 2022 the project has performed the following activities:

Welcome to Shimantik

Shimantik, a national non-government organization in Bangladesh, established in 1979. Shimantik is dully registered with the Social Service Department [Syl-7(221)/84, dated 16 May 1984] and NGO Affairs Bureau (Registration no.298 dated 28 May 1989), Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP).