Livelihood & Women Development Program:

Shimantik has been working on livelihood and women development in different way. During this period, it has implemented the following projects:

Investment Component of Vulnerable Group Development ICVGD :

The 2nd Phase of ICVGD project aims at doing so and it not only focuses on increasing the coverage of the VGD participants, but also concentrates on transforming these participants into successful women entrepreneurs, as well as choose agency who can support the project in capacity enhancement of implementing local partners in the project areas because of its previous implementation experience. 

Shimantik has been implementing ICVGD project as strategic partner in 4 districts of Sylhet division (Cluster 3) as per follows:

  • Collecting VGD Beneficiaries List: Shimantik ICVGD team collecting soft and hard copy VGD lists from Juri, Kanaighat, Ajmiriganj, and Tahirpur of 4 Upazilas in Target VGD Beneficiaries.
    • All team members searched direct and indirect source for collecting soft copies and hard copies
    • Time to time conversation held with Women’s and Child Affairs office at District and Upazila Level. They were cooperating towards these purposes besides their work load.
    • Communicated with District Women’s Affairs and Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer and others office staffs of all 4 District and Upazila over cellphone for importance of related issues.
  • TOT training: Training Manager conducted 3 days General TOT for Training Officers, venue was Project office hall room, 18th May to 20th May was held the training, Training Manager was the facilitator for the training, Training officers were enjoyed and learned new idea, TOT objective were: TOT basics. Training plan, schedule, Adult Learning Principal, learning approach, Method, SMART method using, Training curriculum out line, Power point presentation tips.

The enrollment selection process of VGD beneficiaries: (2 Months)

  • Campaign at Upazila, union and village level through miking, community gathering/ poster etc.
  • Interview and information collection meeting at union parishad/ local health Complex to identify poorest family.
  • Information analysis and ranking
  • Orientation of Tottho Apa and UDC Entrepreneurs on VGD Enrolment Process
  • Briefing on reformed VGD enrolment process at Upazila VGD Committee Meeting
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Miking at union level
  • Communication with union VGD committees on beneficiary enrolment process
  • Total number of visits at union and upazila level to facilitate the VGD enrolment process


Beneficiary Selection Verification: After the enrollment selection process, the total beneficiary selected 5500 In the Sylhet division. From that, the ICVGD team verified 2832 beneficiaries by household visit. After verifying the process, the ICVGD team traveled more than four times in 27 unions and Conduct with Union Chairman, Union Secretary & Members, Collecting Approval from Upazila Women’s Affairs Office & UNO and the final list hang on the notice board of the Union Parishad.

Welcome to Shimantik

Shimantik, a national non-government organization in Bangladesh, established in 1979. Shimantik is dully registered with the Social Service Department [Syl-7(221)/84, dated 16 May 1984] and NGO Affairs Bureau (Registration no.298 dated 28 May 1989), Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP).